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Friday, January 1, 2010

My resolutions

I haven't done a year recap or resolutions post in the past, as many sewing bloggers do, but I'm going to start this year, for my own sanity and fulfillment if not for your curiosity. :-)

I haven't been very organized with tracking my finished things, so I'll save my first yearly recap for the end of 2010. As for my resolutions...

Crafting related:

1. Blog consistently. I enjoy my little blog and the encouragement I get from it. As all bloggers do, I really love getting comments. :-) My goal is posting at least twice a week. Not a difficult goal to meet, I don't think. If I have no sewing or knitting projects going, be prepared to hear about my attempts to make my personal style more interesting!

2. More "crafty" sewing. I have recently completed one throw pillow cover for my living room. Three more to go. I also want to finish up my older son's quilt and maybe start on one for my baby in the fall. I just want to do a little more general crafty sewing cuteness instead of only cranking out the clothes.

3. Sew and knit from stash (almost) exclusively. Many sewing and knitting bloggers make this resolution. I need to this year because a) I'm looking forward to a move this summer (YEA!) and don't need any more stash to move, b) I'm trying to be more frugal - just a personal goal, and c) I just can't claim to NEED any more fabric at the moment, and the stash is at a point that may soon start to cause marital drama despite my very kind and understanding husband. Lining notions, and trims are exempt from this goal, and I'll allow myself a tiny bit of leeway - maybe one cut of fabric every two months to sew up immediately.

So, I think these are achievable goals. Maybe writing them down here will hold me more accountable to myself.

1 non-crafting related resolution:

1. STOP BITING MY NAILS. :-) This has been my personal quest since I was a child. I succeed for a few months and then fall off the wagon. My most recent period of nice, long nails was about July-September this year. I can do it again. Starting today.

If you've read this far, thanks. :-) I have a sewn and knitted ensemble to show tomorrow! That's right - a two-fer!

1 comment:

Pammie said...

HI - Love you blog - great resolutions. BTW, RWT the fingernails - I have bitten mine since my teenage years. Last summer, I went to Japan and returned with the Swine Flu - as a result - I gave up biting my nails (???) and coffee (I don't know why). I think I spent the time in Japan trying to keep my hands out of my mouth cause of my heavy train usage. I still don't bite my nails but I've recently began coffee usage - I do note that it make me jittery. Good luck - I hated the Swine Flu but I LOVE NOT biting my nails!! Crazy story:)