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Friday, October 23, 2009

Cozy shell

I've been slowly working on making the Simplicity cozy.  First I made the shell.  My little man #2 is pulling the neckline, but really, it is even.  :-)

The fabric is here from Sawyer Brook.  It's a rayon knit with a kind of brushed finish.  It is so soft!  I think I'll have the cozy ready to show later this week, but I keep thinking that.  My sewing has really slowed down since I got to the States.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gray Herringbone Trousers

These have actually been complete for about a month.  I wore them on the plane ride from Germany to the States with this top.  Both pieces are part of my Pattern Review SWAP entry.
The pattern is Simplicity 2700.  They're the first pants I've made not from my TNT Vogue pattern.


These are higher waisted than I am used to wearing.  They come right about at my belly button.  I feel very grown up and proper in them.  Haha!  If I worked, they would be great work pants.  Since I'm a SAHM, they are good for when I want to look a little more pulled together.
Hmmm, they look a little tight on my bum.  Maybe I just needed to tug them down a bit.  Definitely better fitting than many of my RTW pants.  I'm open to comments on how to improve pants fit, though.  I haven't messed with crotch curves at all.  Oh, and a comment on why I'm not crazy about higher waisted pants:  they make my bum look saggy with all that square footage between waistband and legs!

Here they are with the top untucked.
The only alteration I did was to take in the sides about a half inch on each side.  This makes the pocket openings pretty small, so I'll alter this a bit if I make these pants again.
Also, you'll see I messed up the waistband a bit.  The top part is supposed to extend further and the bottom piece isn't supposed to extend at all.  I interfaced the wrong sides and had to improvise.

A look at the cuffs I added.  To keep them in place, I stitched along the side seam line on the cuffs.  The only hand sewing on these pants is attaching the lining to the zipper area.  Awesome.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Wow, I haven't posted in over 2 weeks!  It's taken a while to get situated here in the States at my parents' house.  

I do have new pants to show, but I still need photos.  At least I have photographers on hand now!  I finished them in time to wear on the plane ride here.  They looked really nice but are pretty comfy, too.  I also have been working on the Simplicity cozy.


Actually, I have the shell complete except for the hem.  I haven't started the cozy except to cut it out.  I want to finish it tomorrow or Wednesday.  With the weather we're having, a cozy would be good.

I think I need to do a "State of the Sewing" address and see where I'm at with my SWAP and other fall sewing I want to do.