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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where to next?

I finished the white cropped pants for my SWAP last night (hem and all), but despite being made from an opaque cotton, they have mega pocket show-thru, so I'm going to line them.  Don't have white lining, though, so I'm setting them aside.  The other option I'm kind of considering is just sewing shut and cutting off the pockets...  I don't generally like to do this (not because I use my pockets that much, but because I think it's kind of cheesy or cheating), but I am thinking about it.

So tonight, I was going to cut out my jacket for the swap.  I've seen two made versions of it (from BWOF Jan 09) and am excited to get it going.  BUT, I'm also thinking of making the handbag from BWOF Feb 09 (sorry, can't find a picture on the site) for the PR handbag contest.  I have a bunch of yellow ostrich leather, and I think the safari-style stuff is perfect for it.  Just have to see if I have enough.  I guess I'll see which I feel more like playing with tonight- the jacket or the bag.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Two more pieces for SWAP

Yay!  My skirt and top are finished, and I love them!  Both are for the SWAP contest. 

The skirt is BWOF Jan 09 #128, the exclusive design.  I love love love this skirt.  I can see making this one again in the future - in simple khaki or a cozy wool for winter.

The shirt is McCall's 5138 view B.  I wasn't sure about the sleeves on this top and was thinking of de-puffing them, but I've gotten some nice feedback on the SWAP thread, so I think I'll leave them as they are.

Here is the top with a short sleeved-sweater over top.  I think this is cute for spring.  Oh, but wait, in spring I'll be enormous!  Don't you love how I have the style of a 60-year old?

Here are front and back pics of the blouse untucked.  You can see it is pulling a smidge over the baby bump.  :-)

Ooooh, and here are my first button holes ever.  I can't tell you how many practices I did before going on the blouse.  I think they came out pretty well for my first ones ever!  I can't believe I've never made button holes before.  For one, most things I've made in the past are skirts and dresses, which generally require zippers.  The few things I've made that did need button holes, I was not ashamed to ask my mom to do them for me on her super shnazzy machine.  :-)  
Here are some more shots of my skirt.  This is the top detail with the buttons.  I went back and forth lots of times on which buttons to get at a local independent fabric store here.  White looked a little too mod, so I'm happy with these blue ones.
This is the back kick pleat area.  You can see the top stitching on the center pieces a bit.
Here's the lining in the pleat.
Here is my beautious invisible zipper.  I hadn't sewn in one of these in a loooong time, but it went right in.  I kind of think invisible zippers are easier to sew in than regular ones.  Don't know why that is.
and here is the lining shot.  I'm always so proud of my lining.  Not sure why...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Third FO for the SWAP

Here is my third finished object, my second knit top, modeled with the eyelet skirt.  The pattern is Butterick 4789.  This top definitely makes the skirt more casual.  I could wear this to play group or the park (provided I'm not going down any dirty slides).  

A few comments on this top.  I really like the front twist detail.  However... not so crazy about the wings coming off my shoulders.  I think I'll modify those hems a bit to keep them on the edge of my shoulders.  I also don't know how I feel about the center back seam and back darts.  Seems kind of silly on a knit top.  And I'm not totally crazy about the back V.  I don't think it's the most flattering on me.  If I made this again, I might try a regular knit top back pattern.  I'd also use a more fluid jersey knit, I think.  I like the beefier cotton knit I used, but I think a thinner jersey wouldn't produce the "wings" and might lay easier over the tummy area under the twist.  If I could find a nice silk jersey, I'd make the dress version in a heartbeat.  One other thing I may do - tack down some areas around the twist front.  Otherwise, I think I'll be adjusting a lot.  :-)  I also need to give that hem a good steaming in the back so it lays flatter.

Despite all those little tweaks I think I'll do, I am really happy with this top, and I do think I'll wear it a lot in the summer.  I even may wear it while I'm still pregnant in the spring.  The bottom front is pretty roomy.