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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quicky sweater project

This sweater was my husband's. Somehow it shrunk... no one wants to take responsibility... True, I do most (almost all) of the laundry, but I have a near-flawless record, people!! Ok, anyway, this sweater was my husband's until it shrunk. I couldn't part with it, though. It's a really nice sweater! So after a year or so marinating with my fabrics and other messed-up clothes I can't part with, I decided I could make it a sweater for me.



this was so easy. The sweater was the right length, but the sleeves were too short, so I made them 3/4. I just cut off the sleeves, took in the side seams, made the sleeves narrower, took a bit off the tops of the sleeves, and put the sleeves back in.

Tomorrow, I'll do a follow-up post to my striped cowl since there were a few questions.

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