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Friday, January 15, 2010

Striped cowl followup

This is a follow-up to my striped cowl top post. In case you missed it, here it is:

So you can see the proportions a bit better, here is the front:

...and the back:

I made a similar style neckline this past summer, but I can't find a blog post about it, so I guess I missed it. Anyway, I learned some things while making that that I incorporated here. First, I always need a bigger piece of fabric for the cowl than I think I will. I had plenty of fabric this time around, so I made a second one when the first wasn't big and floppy enough. Along the same lines, the neckline needs to be pretty low if you want to show a little neck and upper chest skin.

For my first cowl attempt, I measuered the neckline I had cut and just made a rectangle that length. However, after I sewed it on, it wasn't as big as I wanted, so I made a new one, adding about 5 inches and stretching the shirt's front neckline a bit to fit. Much better! In the end, the cowl is 33" around and 14" deep.

Here's a shot inside the neckline. I used a french seam here since it's possible this seam could be exposed depending on how the neckline falls.

The pattern I started with was Simplicity 3536, which I picked because I already had it, it has raglan sleeves and didn't require me to trace anything (BWOF). I'd recommend finding a simpler pattern to start with, though. I had to fold out the gathers.

I think I answered all the questions. One more:

What Would a Nerd Wear said...
wait, you MADE this??
are you selling these anywhere?
this is seriously fabulous and completely my style--i love it!!

Aw, thanks! Nope, definitely not selling. I don't have the original ideas to make and sell stuff... just making knock offs. :-) You alter stuff, though, so you're just a few steps away from making your own!

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