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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vogue 8409

This dress has been sitting on the back of my sewing chair for almost two years. I just finished the hem a couple of days ago. I can rest easy in the knowledge that I'm much better at either finishing or tossing things now than I was two years ago. I only have a couple UFOs still laying around that I want to finish. The pattern is Vogue 8409.

The interesting thing about this dress is seeing how far I've come in the past two years of sewing. I'd been sewing for many years before I made this dress, but never as fervently as the past two years (not coincidently, since I became a SAHM). Anyway, I won't be showing you any inside shots. It's embarrassing. :-) Let's just say, I treated the dress and lining as one when I put in the zipper instead of hand stitching the lining over the zipper. Not sure why I did that. I knew better! Lazy, I guess.

Overall, I'm really happy with it, though... the outside, at least. It fits very well, despite having an entire pregnancy and baby while this languished unfinished. I'll definitely wear it to church come spring and summer. I'm kind of regretting going the lazy way when taking the photos and not accessorizing at all. That's a new, late New Year's resolution - better photos, at least where staging is concerned.

The fabric is poly satin from a German department store here. The lining is horrible, very cheap poly. I definitely wouldn't buy that again, not that I remember what it is.

My Pattern Review is here.

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