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Friday, September 18, 2009


Life is throwing me curveballs.  I guess that's what keeps it interesting.  This does have something to do with my current sewing plans.

So, I'm here in Germany for two more weeks (we were supposed to leave last week for an extended U.S. visit), separated from most of my SWAP fabrics which I've already sent ahead.  My SWAP is changing a lot.  Some pieces are the same, but some are different.  Some are still in boxes on their way to the U.S., and some I have here in my hot little hands.  Here's the new plan.
I made up my storyboard in the form of paper dolls the other day.  Paul was coloring, so why not join in on the fun?  The top two tops are already done and I'm working on the pants on my model right now.  The second blue top is a bright blue wool jersey that I'll make up after moving.  The white charmeuse blouse I can make while I'm still here. The yellow knit top might be replaced with another orange one just because I have the orange here with me now.  The yellowish-greenish tweed is in the U.S. for some more trousers.  I'm keeping the denim skirt as planned and adding in some walking shorts out of the same gray herringbone as the pants I'm currently making.  There was a flaw on the fabric, so I got a lot of extra for freebie!  

I'm just not sure about the topper.  At the bottom of m picture, I drew a cape-like thing for a pale gray sweater knit I'd have to make after moving.  I do want to join the September jacket contest at PR, though.  Maybe I'll just make something non-SWAP related.  With no husband around and good sleepers for kids, I have enough time in the next two weeks to deviate.  Maybe I'll go search the stash again.

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Amanda S. said...

Jenny, I think you might have a fingerprint on your camera lens. All of your pictures are turning out really fuzzy lately. At least that was my problem when my pictures were looking the same way. :)