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Friday, September 11, 2009

3 new patterns - 6 more days

Sigh... so I was supposed to fly to the States today.  My beloved hubby is in Afghanistan, and I'm going to stay with family while he's gone.  But - we still don't have the baby's passport, so we're here another week.  How to drown my sorrows?  Well, I already shipped almost all my SWAP stuff and my favorite patterns, so get ready for non-SWAP sewing.  Or maybe there will be a revision of the SWAP.

Anyway, I drug the kids to the fabric store today and got three new patterns, all Simplicity.  Yeah, I probably only needed to get one, but oh well.  I was drowning sorrows!

I have a pretty navy/blackish herringbone for these pants.  They'll be beautiful!


I like a couple views of this dress, but first I'm going to lengthen the top part and make a top with the ruffles on the left.  I have cream silk charmeuse.  This will be part of my SWAP.

Simplicity 2724


Finally, for this top I have a dark teal blue rayon knit.  I'm making the version in the top photo.  That should really show off the drapiness of the fabric.

Simplicity 3536


Tonight after the boys are in bed, I'll cut out the knit top and read all the reviews on PR.

I was bummed (and surprised) that none of them had reviews on PR until I looked on the Simplicity website and realized the pattern numbers are different on the German versions.

Time to give my big boy a bath since we're going out for dinner tonight with some friends.  That's one nice thing about our move being delayed a week - no food left in the house, so we have to go out!

EDIT:  added links in case the pics aren't working.  Thanks Rachel!  :-)

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