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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bouncing Back

Ok - this is what I came up with while I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about my jacket (can I just say, my husband is in Afghanistan, and this jacket is what I lose sleep over - what is wrong with me???):  

There are no jacket patterns that I can fit on that fabric that I will be really happy with, so a jacket from the herringbone is out.  (stop crying, Jenny, and move on!)  I have a roughly woven wool in a peachy color I don't really like for fall.  I love the fabric, just not the color.  I will dye that a rusty brown, and, assuming I'm happy with the color, I will use that with the original Marfy pattern.  I don't really want to buy more fabric for this SWAP, and a quick internet look last night didn't turn up anything I love for this anyway.  

Since the herringbone will never be a jacket (I was super cheap when buying that fabric, apparently), I will still use it in the SWAP.  First I thought of pants, but the fabric doesn't really scream "pants" to me.  Then I thought walking shorts.  I think they're coming "back in."  That could be cute.  Then I had an epiphany...  it will be a jumper.  Yes, a jumper.  I haven't worn one in years, but I think this will be cute, but not too cutesy.  

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Rachel said...

I lose sleep over sewing and knitting, too. Of all the things I could worry about, these are the two things. It is due to my obsessive personality and perfectionist tendencies.