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Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Look 6655

I finished this a few weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting it.  It looks better with white pants, but, well, that's just not what I was wearing that day.  Sadly, I haven't worn it since the picture since it is not breastfeeding-friendly.  I do like it, though.  It's definitely unique in my wardrobe.

The pattern review is here.
I've also been working pretty well off of my summer sewing lists this past week.  I finished WIPs 2 and 3, and I made the first dress on my other list.  I cut out the dress yesterday during naptime and put it together today.  Yay for good, long naps!  

I'll try to have my hubby take pics of all the finished stuff tonight after bedtime.  It stays light here til almost 11, so 8pm light should be adequate!

Now, I really need to stop getting sidetracked and finish that trench!


Amanda S. said...

It looks really cute on you!

Bonnie D. said...

The top looks great! I made this same top a few years ago and had forgotten about it. I found it in my closet last week and intend to wear it on vacation next week.