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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My summer sewing lists

Marji wrote a post last week about making lists for sewing.  I don't usually write my lists down, but I have lots floating around in my head.  Although I like the idea of planning to learn new techniques, my lists are always just the projects I want to make.  If I learn or try something new in the process, great, but I admit that's not one of my immediate goals.

I decided to organize my plans for the rest of my summer sewing, and boy, was it eye opening!  I do not need to buy any summer fabric for a while, and I have a good head-start on my fall sewing plans.  I highly doubt I'll finish all these plans - there are just too many ideas for 2-3 more months of summer.  We'll see.  I don't WANT to have a big stash of fabric waiting to be sewn up (it gives me much guilt)... my eyes are always bigger than my stomach, though... or, my plans are always bigger than my time to execute them.

First, my list of things to complete.  This only includes projects I am actively working on (within the past week or so), not the forgotten WIPs stashed near my sewing area, waiting to be loved again.

1.  Finish outfits for the boys.  I'd like to have this done before church Saturday night.  I need to do the waistband and hem on the shorts and put a few more snaps on the romper (ran out of snaps with about 4 to go).

2.  Floral silk charmeuse dress.  Just started this last night and want to finish in in June for a Capsule I'm doing at Stitcher's Guild.

3.  Cream-colored knit top, also to finish in June for the capsule.  The picture is of a stained top I purchased last summer and love.  I want to take this apart and use it as a pattern for my new top.

4.  White trench.  I'm still plugging away at this.  I next have to tack in the shoulder pads and set the lining sleeves into the lining.

5.  Haha, this is a dress I made last February (2008).  Admittedly, I haven't worked on this in the past week, but all it needs is a hem, and I really am excited to wear it now that I'm not preggers anymore.

List of garments I WANT to make this summer, in the order I want to make them (subject to change... a lot).

1.  Simple bold-print cotton sundress, with buttons on the center of the bodice for breastfeeding

2-3.  Knit tops.  The yellow is for my TNT knit pattern, but I want to make the view with gathers in the center for the first time.  The blue will probably be some form of that dress pattern, but made in a top.

4.  Another knit top, probably the same pattern as the cream one - my cut apart RTW top.
5.  JAMMIES!  I've never made pajamas but am excited to make these in this yummy stretch silk charmeuse.  Have you seen how much silk PJs cost!?!

6.  Another knit top!  This is a textured cotton knit.  I want to use the dress pattern for the raglan sleeves, or maybe I'll use a BWOF pattern with raglan sleeves.

7.  Tropical wool cropped pants.  

8-9.  Linen/cotton pants in TNT pattern and knit top, probably in that same RTW top pattern.  What can I say?  I love that top!  
9.  Chiffon tunic.  Flowy and beachy.  I have a few recent BWOF patterns in mind for this.

10.  Linen pique dress.  I like the construction of this top and want to make it in a sleeveless dress.  I hear I might have some fitting issues, though, since I'm not really the Sandra Betzina sloper demographic.

11.  Black and white polka dot silk charmeuse for this Marfy top pattern.

12.  Simple top from this dress pattern in a really pretty shirting remnant.

13.  Green/yellow cross-dyed (I think that's the right term) linen dress, possibly with this lace I bought in Italy.  If I decide against the lace, I need a more interesting pattern.  :-)  Maybe this, but I'd have to buy it.
14.  Bright blue voile for a strapless Marfy dress pattern I can't find on the website.

15.  Chanel-style jacket to go with this skirt.
Whew!  Yeah, that's a lot.  Like I said, I doubt it will all get done.  I also ordered a few more summer fabrics before I made this list and vowed not to buy any more.  Sewing will be from the stash for a while...


Uta said...

Wow, what a list! It's amazing how productive you are with a newborn. I just looked at your last few posts and have to say, I LOVE the picture with your little one on your arm. Isn't it amazing how tiny they are? Hope you're getting enough sleep :-)

Anonymous said...

Plus Paul's quilt and a partridge in a pear tree :-) Love, Mom