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Friday, July 24, 2009

I heart Michael Kors

Well, I like a lot of the clothes he makes anyway.  Take this little number:
(click the photo to go to his site)

I'm kind of but not really knocking it off for the Pattern Review contest this month.  

First, I want a LBD for fall/winter, so it'll be black.  I'm using a black wool jersey.  It's a pretty stable knit, but still a knit - not gray wool tweed.  
Second, the BWOF pattern I'm using is very similar, but the draping on the front is a bit different.  I probably could have changed it without too much trouble, but I didn't want to make a muslin and didn't want to mess it up.

I have the shell complete and am working on the lining now.  Should be done in a few days!

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Amanda S. said...

That will be really pretty, Jenny. I can't wait to see yours made up. I love this pattern as well but doubt I'll get to it this summer.