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Saturday, July 25, 2009

August BWOF

BWOF spoilers ahead!

I picked up an August BWOF (actually it's now called Burda Style Magazine, but that's really long to type) at the fabric store.  Sooooo excited.  I liked a bunch of the patterns, but I'll just show you my three favorites.

Love these:
First, my fave.  I'm making this dress even though I don't need any more dresses!  I think the seams and darts are unique.


I was naughty and bought two fabric remnants at the store.  One is a fun silk satin print I want to use for a simple, loose top to keep it as casual as possible.  I'm thinking this:


Finally, I want this cape-like thing.  Would probably leave off that bow thing at the neck, though, and keep it clean and simple.


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