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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vogue Pattern Picks

Time to add in my unneeded two cents!  :-)  From what I've read, it looks like some of my picks are quite different from other peoples'.  It seems like usually most people want the same 5.

As I say every time I pick patterns, I need another cocktail dress like I need a hole in my head, but 1286 is singing its siren song.  I guess it's not really a cocktail dress, but it is a bit sexy for daily wear.  I'll lengthen it a few inches to balance all the skin up top.  I think it will be fabulous in a stable doubleknit.  I'm thinking it would be fun with a print for the dress and a solid for the straps, but would that look dated?

Come to Mama, 1287.  Another jersey dress?  Yes, please!  I think the slip is included not so much for see-through dresses but because the loose neckline can flop around a bit.  I'll just wear a cami I already have.  I think I've finally worked through all my print jerseys, so this dress gives me an excuse to look for a new one!

If I'm invited to any weddings this spring or summer (as of now, the social calendar is empty...), 1289 is it!  Are you kidding me?  Gorgeousness!  It's not on the suggested fabrics list, but I think it would be so classy in a lightweight, washed linen, if I could find one with some pretty good drape.

I think view E of 8787 would make a lovely Easter dress.  I could probably cobble together this dress from patterns I already have, but why not use the pre-made version.  So feminine in tropical wool or linen/cotton.  I have some pretty linens in my stash, but probably not 3 yards of them.  Maybe if I make the skirt a bit less swingy...

8799 intrigues me.  I really like the elbow sleeves, square neckline, and seaming of the top.  Also like the sleek white combo they show of the top and pants.  I also like the skirt, and I like parts of the jacket - but not the elastic in the back.  I think the elastic sleeves would annoy me, too.

The boatneck version of 8789 is really cute, but I think they messed up the line drawings at the bottom.  I'm confused looking at those.  You cut this dress on the crossgrain, so a border print (as they show in the drawing) would be stunning.

8790 is cute but I'd change it a bit.  The super low waist and long length makes it look really dragged-down to me. 
So there you have all my thoughts.  Thanks for reading. :-)

Off topic:  I thought we were moving forward on this issue, but what is with all the body bashing of the cover model?  Sheesh.  Lay off, people.

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