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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gardening blog

One of my new "things" this year is starting a separate gardening blog.  If you have any interest in gardening in Florida, please check it out.  :-)  I am the Florida Garden Grasshopper.


marysews said...

I'm interested! Clicking over there now to click the RSS feed.

Diana said...

My goodness Jenny. Where do you find the time!
Thank you for the nice comments you leave on my blog.
I was looking over your last two posts and love your blue jacket. it's a stunning colour and you achieved a great fit.
You colour blocked Tee is lovely too. B3344 is one of my all time favorite tops pattern.
Now about your new hairdo. You look gorgeous in bangs!

Anonymous said...

Wait - it's not fair to be THIS good at sewing and crafting (I'm doing good to sew on a button - couldn't even begin to turn on a sewing machine)and then gardening too! ;)