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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

McCalls 5759

Here is my finished McCalls 5759.  The fabric is a tweedy, chunky jacket novelty from Sawyer Brook.  It's really lovely and exactly what I was hoping for.

 It doesn't work so great unbuttoned, but it's so warm it's definitely outerwear, so that's not a problem.
 The buttonholes are created between the front piece and the band that runs around the edge.  Very clever and easy for this bulky, easily-unraveled fabric.
 I showed you this before. I added single welt pockets under the decorative pocket flaps included.  They aren't big enough for my hands but will hold keys or cash or small toy cars.

For the lining, I cobbled together some pieces leftover in my stash.  Gotta save up for the next jacket fabric, know what I mean?  It worked out fine.  I had enough in the right blue family, even if the sleeves and body are different fabrics.
 The hem forms a nice pleat for wearing ease, and the corner doesn't look too bad, I don't think.  :-)  Lots of hand-sewing here.
This took so much longer to finish than I thought it would.  Like many of my big projects, I sped through the first 70% and then drug my feet for the last 30%.  Oh well.  It's ready just in time for Florida's first real cold snap!


Linda T said...

Very pretty and a great fit!

Renee said...

Lovely jacket! The color looks great on you.

Amanda S. said...

Pretty! Love the colors!

velosewer said...

Great jacket. I love both fabrics. Good planning as you'll always have room for a small car in your jacket pocket :)

Audrey said...

Gorgeous jacket! I love the color and texture of the fabric you used. It looks great on you.

Uta said...

Great jacket! The color looks lovely on you.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous jacket, the fit and colour.