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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simplicity 2181

So I finished up Vogue 1271, and it's waiting to be blogged, but first I wanted to throw this up.  :-)  I am in LOVE with this top.  I took about an hour to cut it out last night to get the placement and symmetry just right, and then it took less than two hours to sew!  I had the idea at 8 pm, and before 11, it was all finished and ready to wear today.

This is Simplicity 2181, which I just bought this week.  I'm quite certain this will be the perfect Florida spring top.  It is so loose and airy.  It's pretty low-cut, but not gaping.

The fabric is poly jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Do you remember it, fellow bloggers?  It was everywhere about 2-3 years ago.  It was the must-have jersey.  I missed out on the first batch and snagged some when it was back in stock.  Then it sat and sat and sat because I was scared of the print.  How to place the white?  How to use the border?  I can't explain this top other than to say that inspiration struck last night.

It doesn't even make me look pregnant like some gathered tops can.  It doesn't exactly make me look busty, but we can't ask it to perform miracles.  I made a size 10 and the only thing I changed was taking up the hem, and that was just because it was a bit snug around my bum and made the belly bag out a bit.  If, no when, I make this again, I'll add a little width to the hip area and keep it tunic length. 
This would be so easy to modify for maternity, too, not that I'm thinking about that.


Aminat said...

Wow, your top is fabulous, and you did a great job on the placement of the pattern.Lovely

CGCouture said...

You are on a roll! So pretty! And your beautiful stuff is making my fingers itch.

Trisha said...

Eeee! I love this top! I didn't buy this pattern because I didn't see the potential in the drawings--but your version is fantastic! I will have to put this pattern on my list for hot Arizona summers.

Amanda S. said...

Ha! I think we've had the exact same experience with that fabric. That is to say I missed out on it the first time around, then bought 3 yards which has been sitting and sitting in my stash. It's too pretty to cut into! Plus I'm afraid to turn it into a wadder. Yours looks AWESOME!!! I've been meaning to get around to this pattern - have seen some really great ones sewn up in the blogosphere.

Audrey said...

That is a super cute top on you and the pattern is perfect for that fabric, which I remember from a couple of years ago. No I didn't buy any.