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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vogue 1271

Here is my Vogue 1271, with LOTS of photos.
 Voila!  First, let me say it is a smidge snug in the midsection.  Noticing a pattern after my last post?  Maybe it's time to up my cutting size.  That or I could go put on my running shoes.  Anyway, it's no fault of the pattern, just mine for not making a muslin.
 I really like this design.  It's a bit more interesting than my usual with these sleeves, but it's pretty mellow as far as trends go.
 You even get to see the kick pleat in action thanks to the wind.
 I was planning to wear this to church, but it's a bit too short for me to feel comfortable there, so it will probably just be a going-out dress.  I've already informed hubs he needs to take me out for dinner.
 I didn't have a buckle to sew on the belt (it's just decorative anyway), so I pinned my favorite pin from Scotland on there and I think it looks quite nice.
 My dress looks lower cut than the model's.  i dont' think it's because it's too tight.  There's definitely room for ease in the bodice.
 I also carried the belt detail around on the back, which the pattern didn't do.  They just have the midriff on back.
 Close up of the sleeves.  The fabric is Ruby Flannel from Sawyer Brook.  It's a bit too soft to hold the sleeve folds, so I stitched them on the inside of the pleats.  They still open a bit, as you can see.  I guess I could use some hand tacks to keep everything in place.
There you have it!  My newest dress I wll only wear a couple times a year. :-)  Time to get back to sewing sportswear and home dec.


Aminat said...

fabulous and the color is lovely as well

Lois Evensen said...

Very nice and it looks great on you. (I remember skinny back in 19??....) ;)

Cindy said...

Very pretty I like th red. Best ofluck with the shop too

CGCouture said...

I think it turned out beautiful! Love that shade of red, it's perfect! (And so hard to come by!)

Uta said...

I love this dress so much! Simply gorgeous. You've been making lots of pretty things!

Amanda S. said...

This will be perfect for Valentine's day! Love you in the red hue and how awesome is this design? I knew it would look good in a non-shiny fabric!

Diana said...

Your dress is just lovely Jenny and you look cute as a button in it.
I love the top in your last post. I have that pattern but am a little afraid it isn't for a busty person like me. On you it looks gerat and love the fabric too.

Audrey said...

I flipped right past this pattern (made in a shiny green fabric) on the Vogue website and never noticed it. I love your version of it in a red fabric. It looks great on you!

Mrs. Exeter said...

What a wonderful dress, and I think the fit is great on you. The red really suits, and as Amanda has said, it will be lovely for Valentine's Day. I'm going off to look at the pattern now!

velosewer said...

That's a great style on you. The work you've put into it will pay off. I love the buckle. You look great.