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Friday, March 25, 2011

Vogue Pattern Picks

This morning in my emailbox, the new summer Vogue patterns greeted me, and I'm excited. :-)
I'm just including the ones that I like and can see myself buying and sewing (possibly). So, the ones I like the fashion-y idea of (strapless ruffly jumpsuit!) but don't really find a place in my wardrobe, I'm not posting here.

This summer, I'm really wanting some flow-y blouses and dresses. It's my first full summer in Florida, and I'm expecting hot and humid. I'll also be traveling quite a bit with the kids, so I want easy.

It doesn't get much easier or comfier than V1235, a cute knit dress. I like the contrast waistband here - it somehow looks modern when most contrasts are starting to look dated to me.

I probably have about 5 cuts of fabric already for V1236. I love a casual dress.

V1241 is a great little summer church dress for me. It looks a bit like another Kay Unger pattern I have, but it's just different enough for me to covet it anyway.

V1247 is the only separates pattern I chose, and I like both pieces. I'd kind of like to make both pieces in linens or linen/cotton for a breezy outfit. I think this is at the top of my sewing list. The top only takes 1.5 yards of 60" fabric (looks like it should need more).

The last two are a bit dressier than the other picks. I'm not sure if I could get away with 8723 for everyday wear, but I might try. I like the version with trim at the straight neckline. I also like the wide straps. Again, it looks fresh to me.

8728 is the one I'm not sure where I'd wear it, but I love it. Maybe I could shorten it to a top and make it work for everyday.

So there are my favorites. What are yours?

Final photos of my linen/wool pants coming this weekend...

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Lois Evensen said...

I like V1241, but you will look good in any of them.