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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last night, I was firmly set to have my next project be this jacket to go with my pants.

Butterick 5469, view A (short sleeves). Somewhere between then and now, I decided I MUST make my Easter dress NOW... so I need to make a decision.

I narrowed down my fabric choices pretty quickly, but picking one out and the perfect pattern to accompany it is proving a challenge for me. Many are worthy, but only one will be chosen...

The candidates, in no particular order:
bright blue and white cotton/linen, possibly with Italian lace accents, Butterick 5455. Love this fabric, which I bought in Germany, and love the pattern and lace... a safe option, style-wise

I am digging this Vintage reprint Vogue 1044. Is it "too much"? I muslined the top part a while ago and know that it fits and is ridiculously cute. Or, with Vogue 8648, I could still get the swishy skirt and play with the grain... possibly using that lace again. The fabric is linen from a German fabric market - green and yellow cross-weave.

I've made Simplicity 2473 before and would love one with the short sleeves and collar. I've also made a skirt with this fabric before (which is sadly quite a bit too big for me now).

The final option is a buttery yellow cotton/linen with an interesting texture. It would work beautifully for Vogue 1183, no doubt. But then again, I'm kind of loving it for Vogue 1174... I mean, I really need a strapless spring dress, right? Right? How cute would that be with the little pockets? And I could just throw on a cardi for church.

So, I would LOVE it if you'd weigh in and let me know what you think. I thrive on public opinion. Thanks! :-)


Lois Evensen said...

I had a strapless summer dress similar to the red/white one in the last image when I was in high school. Ah, how the fashions come and go and come again. :) I loved that dress.

All of your options are good because you look good in whatever you make.

Madelaine said...

The vintage Vogue reprint is sooo cute! And you already know it fits, so that saves any fitting issues down the line. I'm a sucker for vintage sewing though :)

Sarah said...

do the Vintage Vogue or the strapless... the fullness is great, not too much. It's Easter. And Spring. You can't go wrong with a full skirt. And POCKETS? heck yes!

Trisha said...

Ooh, what fun upcoming projects! I vote for the vintage Vogue, and then one of the bottom 2 choices. But I'm sure you'll do a lovely job with whatever you choose!

Amanda S. said...

Well, I am biased for the yellow as that's my favorite color. And since you pulled out that strapless pattern it got me thinking about my copy and the fact that I bought fabric for it last year. I was thinking of making a different dress for Easter out of some slippery silk charmeuse, but now I think I'll change to the strapless because the fabric will be so much nicer to work with and I NEED an enjoyable project! So we might have matching Easter dresses except the fabric will be different.