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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vogue 2907

Finished my pants. Woohoo!!

The fabric is a wool/linen blend from Sawyer Brook which is now sold out. Sad, because it's a really cool fabric. I was worried that the pants might be itchy unlined because of the wool content, but I've worn them all afternoon in total comfort. I didn't line these pants because I want them to be as breezy as possible. I also pre-washed and dried in the machines so I can machine launder the pants. Gotta love that.

The pattern is Vogue 2907, which I've made enough times to know the pattern number by heart.

P.S. How sad is it that I JUST figured out how to add a photo from the web without first saving it to my computer?

I LOOOOOVE these pants! The fit is perfect, which has much more to do with finding a great pattern that happens to fit me than it has to do with my fitting skills. I like the drawstring waist that I added. All I did was make the waistband a little narrower than the pattern (I don't like how high the original comes up on me, despite what the pattern photo would suggest) and add buttonholes to pass the drawstring between the waistband and waistband facing. The drawstring is a narrow tube of fabric, turned with a bodkin, and knotted on both ends to keep it from slipping inside the waistband. I also added a button and buttonhole behind the drawstring tie for added security.

I hemmed these pretty long so I can wear them with either flats or wedge heels, of which I own quite a few for summer.
The pant legs are quite wide, which is apparently back in style now after all those weird muffin top, tapered-leg monstrosities.

Some more pics:

Also, sorry if you got a post about my kiddo's birthday party in your reader. Put that one up on the wrong blog at first. Worse things have happened, right? :-)


Lois Evensen said...

Very, very nice. Everything looks good on you. :)

Amanda S. said...

Ooh, these pants are divine! I love the fit, the added drawstring waistband, the awesome fabric. Great job! I wish I had a TNT pattern for pants, although that would probably involve sewing a few to find out if they were the perfect fit or not. Anyway, fabulous job! These will go with everything!

Trisha said...

Love the color of those pants-- they will go with everything. Great fitting job, too!

Adrienne said...

Your pants look fantastic!