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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Thanks for the input! While reading your comments, I realized I'd really narrowed it down to 2 (and so did you) but threw in some classy sheaths to feel more appropriate. However, there's no hiding that I really want to either go vintage or strapless this Easter!

So, I decided to go with the strapless with the vintage as a backup (since I've muslined the top and know it fits). The strapless dress must fit just right, and I'm not up for big fitting tweaks right now. Plus, I wasn't sure how the style would suit my curve-less figure.

So, I decided to make the foundation first as a sort of muslin. I feel like I'm always railing against the crazy fit of Vogue patterns, but REALLY! By my measurements, I'd need a 12 or 14. I cut my usual 10, and I still took in the center front, back, and sides 1/4" each. Do the math, and I've taken out 2 inches. I guess it's not that much, but if I made the size dictated by the pattern, I'd have a dress that fell down around my hips. That is NOT "wearing ease." Enough grumpies...

Here's where I stand now. I have the full lining constructed, the foundation (minus boning), and the bodice. I still need to construct the skirt, add boning, and put everything together, plus zipper. Doesn't sound like more than 3 evenings' work to me. :-) I love how it's coming out and I'm gonna cry bitter tears if I don't like it in the end.


Lois Evensen said...

It's so cool to be able to make your dress exactly how you like it and know that it will fit perfectly. I look forward to seeing the progress and final result. So nice! My idea of ease is what I add to my knitting when measuring while making sweaters or other clothing. Making something strapless stay up is so much more serious! ;)

Amanda S. said...

It's looking great!