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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Man's Loft Bed

Hi! Remember me? :-) Totally off the topics of sewing and knitting, here's the loft bed I made my almost-4-year-old little man.

I'm quite proud of my second wood-working project! I built it all myself but my Dad kindly helped me with the painting, and my dad and husband both helped with the final assembly.
The plans are here and my brag post on Ana's site is here.

I still need to paint over the final assembly screws and touch up some junctions, but Paul loves his bed! My next project is either bookshelves for under this or a desk for in a funny spot in my kitchen. Can't decide.

Oh, and I REALLY need to finish his quilt so he can stop using my pink one!


Lois Evensen said...

Very nice! I'm sure your little guy is thrilled. It's so nice to be king of the world from up there. :) And, what floor space he has now.

Uta said...

That awesome, Jenny! You're a woman of many talents.

Trina said...

Amazing job! I really wanted to try making this but I have zero wood working skills and would need to rely too much on my step dad and his free time, so the kit it'll be for me. Thanks for your feedback on my blog! And BTW I love your hair shorter!