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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Oh my goodness, I am LOVING the Spring 2011 Versace collection. I can't say I often feel that way about Versace. Her collections don't usually strike me as very wearable, but I find myself wanting to make several of these looks.

Instead of cutouts, I'd do some kind of trim.

I LOVE this one, but honestly, I'll never make anything like it. By the time I'd get it done, it would look dated.

I would have to figure some detail other than the sheer panels. Maybe some kind of hand embellishment. This is the top contender for me actually making. I already have a strapless dress pattern I could start with... It will be the ultimate date night dress.

I liked a lot of the other looks, but those are my faves.

I've actually started sewing since finding my machine pedal! I've been working on Simplicity 2724 with the ruffled bodice and pencil skirt. The top is turquoise silk charmeuse and the skirt is leftovers from these wool pants. I started it almost a year ago, when I was staying with my parents while hubs was in Afghanistan. Anyway, nothing like MOVING to show you how many UFOs you have. I joined the bodice to the skirt tonight, and the zipper goes in tomorrow! I still have to do the lining, sleeves, and banded collar, though. I was just anxious to try it on!

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Lois Evensen said...

Hi Jenny,

Ah, you are back in business. :) That must feel terrific. I've noticed all the asymmetrical styles and wonder if it relates in any way to the mood of the country at the moment - not quite centered. It seems it could relate in the same way as hems and heels rise and fall at different times in our history.

Although we don't know each other personally, I enjoy following your blog. I'm glad to know you are safely home and hope hubby is home now, too. We are a military family and strong military supporters. We are delighted our nephew is home safely from the Middle East now, too.

All the best to you and your family.