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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herb Pots

Warning! No needlecrafts present in this post. Click away if stenciling doesn't interest you.

I decided I want an herb garden in my new Floridian paradise. Since I know NOTHING about herbs and even less about gardening, I really couldn't tell one herb from another, so I had to label my pots.

I got plain green pots from a JoAnn crafts superstore.

and pretty lettering stencils as well.

I cut up the letters to make them more manageable. I taped the appropriate letters to the pot to help them conform to the curve.

A simple disposable stencil sponge and plain old craft paint.

This was my first stenciling experience, and I did learn you really can't have much paint on your brush at all, or it gets sloppy. Luckily, the letters were easy to scrape off once dry and try again.

(um, pretend that e was a p)

Keep on going, making sure you don't put tape on completed letters (ask me how I figured THAT one out).

All ready to plant...

and sitting pretty on my windowsill!

1 comment:

Trisha said...

I love these pots! They are so cute, I hope that your herb garden is a success.