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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a carpenter!

I built a bench! It's got loads of "issues", but I couldn't be prouder. :-D See?

I've never attempted anything like this before. While making this project, I drilled my first pilot hole ever and sawed my first cut unsupervised. Husband didn't help at all (not that I wanted him to). It was all me!

I used these awesome plans, but changed some dimensions to fit the baskets I bought for it.

buying the wood:

I received lots of help from both boys throughout the process. I only thought to take photos of the little guy, though. I didn't do any sawing with them around, but I used the drill if only one was present to supervise.

...and here it is!

I have about 10 other plans I want to make now, but first up is a much-needed bed for my little man (the bigger one). He really wants this one... Yep, I made the mistake of giving him choices, and he emphatically requested (begged for) that one.

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Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful bench! Very nice work! Your little guy made a good choice of the loft bed. Those are soooo much fun for kids because they can have a play house below the bed. Or, the are can be used for storage, but that's waaay too sensible for a young boy. ;)