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Friday, May 8, 2009

I finished my SWAP!

Woohoo! I finished my SWAP.  Am I in love with every single piece?  No.  But I finished!  I'm proud of me!!  

I find it amusing that of all the contests I've planned to enter, this one, requiring 11 pieces, is the first one I completely followed through with, finished the requirements, and entered.  I guess I figured once I got through a few pieces that I really owed it to myself to finish.  

The one piece I really don't think I'll wear much is the jacket.  It fits ok, but it just doesn't seem flattering to me, and, quite frankly, it's not very well constructed.  I think I overestimated my skills to put it together without using the directions (in German, and still indeciferable with the help of online translations).

Here are the photos I submitted.  You may remember the first one is from February (wow, my hair grew!), when I first completed the skirt and top.  Um, yeah, I can't button that top anymore.  Everything else, I can wear reasonably well, although the white pants won't button, the skirts won't zip the whole way, and some tops are a bit snug.  All the other pictures were taken this week, though.

Next up, I really need to get to making coordinating shorts for my little man and a bubble for the baby.  He's supposed to pop out in 3-4 weeks (my due date seems to change with every doctor visit), and I'm having contractions like mad already, although they're not really painful, thank goodness!

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Leora Louise said...

Yay for finishing! You'll be so pulled together looking when the baby comes that people will wonder how you manage to always look so good!! Great job!!