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Sunday, May 24, 2009

New top and fabric

I don't usually post my fabric purchases, mostly cause I figure no one really cares, but I do have some to show today after my new experience - a fabric market here in Germany.  But first, a new top:
The pattern is New Look 6655, and the fabric is from Sawyer Brook.  I have to say something about Sawyer Brook - the fabric isn't cheap (this cotton print was $14/yard), but I've never been unhappy with a single thing I've bought there... and in the hit-or-miss world of online fabric ordering, that's saying something.  I'll do a review of the top when I can model it (hopefully within a few weeks).  This baby just seems so ready to come out, but he can't quite bring himself to do anything about it!

Now, the fabric!  After reading a post by Uta, I decided I had to check out these Dutch fabric markets.  Apparently they travel around the Netherlands and Germany.  I drug a friend of mine to one in Mannheim this weekend and was not disappointed!  

The most remarkable thing to me was the knits.  Tables full of knits - prints and solids - quality stuff at serious discount prices.  There were lots of beautiful prints, but in the end, I guess none of them were exactly perfect.  I did come home with FIVE cuts of solid knits - cream, blue, and yellow for summer, and pumpkin and brown for this fall.
I did buy one woven fabric.  This is a beautiful blue and yellow cross-woven linen.  I had to say no to lots of beautiful linen.  I wonder if they'll be back in the fall with more wintry fabrics...
This was a total impractical purchase - flower printed dotted voile and pink linen for an outfit for the little girl I don't have.  My first sister or friend to have a little girl is getting a blouse and jumper from this.  They had so much adorable fabric for little girls at this market.

I got everything I showed above for 35 Euro, which is incredible.  At the local fabric store I go to, I'm lucky to get two cuts of fabric for that.  And as I said, this isn't cheap fabric.

Finally, "the precious" - two yards of blood-red boiled wool for a jacket this fall.  Mmmmmm...  Photos cannot do this justice.
My only regret is not buying some denim.  They had lots of really nice denim for 5-8 Euro/yard.  I don't think I'm ready to try jeans yet, but I could use my TNT pants pattern and make some nice trouser jeans.  Maybe next time...


Uta said...

I'm glad you tried it out and had such a good experience. And your fabrics look great. Have fun sewing them up!

Anonymous said...

You got your boiled wool. This market sounds great. Too bad they won't have one when I am visiting. Got to go work on the flower girl dress for Tracy's wedding on Saturday. No time like the present. Love, your mom

Linda said...

I love the top. Nice fabric. SB does have pricey but quality fabric. I for one like to see other's fabric purchases, please keep showing them.