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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Next projects

Well, my SWAP is over, and I'm surprised that my sewing motivation is still going strong.  I was afraid that all that planned sewing would burn me out, but not yet!  

Next in my plan are a few pretty quick (I hope) projects...

I cut out matching shorts (for my toddler) and bubble (for the baby still cooking) to make the kids good and dorky.  :-)  I think I'll start sewing up the shorts tonight.  They are a Burda magazine pattern.  The smallest size is still a bit big for him, so I'll have to alter as I go.  I hope the proportions aren't way off.  The back pockets are as big as his little butt cheeks!  I'm leaving off the side cargo pockets.  The pattern I'm using for the baby is also Burda (though not the magazine).  The fabric I'm using is cute navy/white seersucker striped with little red embroidered crabs.  I have a simple white polo for the big boy, and the romper will have white sleeves and collar.  

The other project I got started on today is drafting a knockoff of this sweater.  The fabric is a fairly thick pinky peach rayon jersey I picked up at a local fabric store when I got buttons for my pink jacket.  The fabric almost feels like a fine-gauge sweater knit.  I had it in mind for this dress, but I really want that sweater!  The only thing I'll have to change are to hem the bottom and sleeves instead of having ribbing.  I think I'll also add a hook and eye closure.  I was going to modify a tee shirt pattern I like, but I decided to try to draft it myself for the Pattern Review contest just for funsies!  I have plenty of fabric to screw it up once.  

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