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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Am I crazy?

So, when my sewing mojo came back, it REALLY came back.

I joined a SWAP contest at Stitcher's Guild.  That's Sewing With A Plan.  So, now I'm making 11 garments by the end of April.  They're all for after the baby comes and my body goes somewhat back to normal.  The problem being, of course, that I can't really fit anything around my waist at this point since it's expanding rapidly (We're just over halfway there now).  At least I know pretty well what sizes of the big pattern companies fit me, my hips haven't changed at all yet, and I'm using the same Vogue pants pattern I just completed.  

It's turning out to be a great challenge, because I'm working on several things I've never tried before.  I made my first button-down shirt last night (still need to get the buttons, though), and I'm trying my first BWOF patterns.  

Here's the storyboard I made up with my plan.  

I've already made one change.  After almost finishing the tweed skirt, I really like the detail at the waist and want to wear it with a tucked in shirt.  So... I really don't think I'd wear the tweed top much, so I'm nixing that.  I haven't decided what to make it its place, though.  I still have about two yards of the tweed, so I may make a jacket down the road.  I don't have much use for a tweed skirt suit, I'll admit, but the fabric is so beautiful.  We'll see...

Things are progressing quicker than I thought they would.  I already finished the white pique knit top and am almost done with the white button-down and the tweed skirt.  Both just require a trip to the local fabric store.  The white skirt is also cut out.

Here are pics of the top I've finished.


Alexandra said...

Nice storyboard - simple silhouettes with pretty details. I will be watching enviously as your plan becomes reality (my mojo takes a hike as soon as I say plan so I can't SWAP).

LaKaribane said...

Welcome to BWOF. YOu do know it's a obsession for most, right?

Do you know about the yahoogroup Burda English? Might find help and inspiration there. A lot of the bloggers who use Burda are on there.

I just started a sewing blog myself but, like Alexandra, staying away from SWAP for now, doesn't work for me...

But your's is very cute. One thing though, might be good to put the BWOF issue number too, in addition to the pattern number, just so others (like me)know where to look.

(I have copies of the line drawing pages in a 3-ring binder and the mags themselves in boxes).

Good luck with the mojo. If ever you need maternity wear inspiration, Lower your presser foot just had her baby but she did oodles of cute things. Check out her archive. She even took regular clothes and added stomach panels for the belly.

Keep up the cute sewing!