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Monday, March 9, 2009

White cropped pants that I can't wear!!

Woohoo!!  Gotta love an opening with a butt shot.  Actually, I'm sparing you from a front view of my unbuttoned, unzipped pants.  Here's the front:And here's the fly opening:And the inside with lining:
There's not much to say about these pants.  I really love how they turned out.  The fabric is cotton/spandex from Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics.  After washing and ironing, the look is still pretty wrinkly, which I think adds some character to these basic pants. 

I made view B and omitted the piping.  Obviously, I cropped the length and removed the flare below the knees.  I also used wider, single belt carriers instead of the doubled ones in the pattern.  I topstitched around the waistband, also.  If you're interested, you can see the pattern review here.

And isn't this the handsomest little man!  He's always had a fascination with the camera, but he recently decided it's more than just a cool gadget with lots of buttons.  Mommy can take his picture and he can check himself out!  Gotta love that Saturday morning hair.


Kathryn said...

Love the pants! The fit is great and I love that you lined them - that's my biggest beef with white pants is that they're always see through.

Your little man is so BIG and very handsome! I love the hair - Christopher wishes he had that much hair since it would be more chances to get haircuts at the place with the super fun fire truck toy!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sweetheart! you did a great job on the lining not that I'm surprised. I love it when my girls put me to shame. Love you, Mom