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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally, something knitted to show!

I thought it was about time to show something.  My parents were just visiting for a week and a half, so nothing really new to show, but I did block the lace scarf I finished last month.  I started this in August 08.  It's my first lace project, and, as stated in an earlier post, I'm hooked!

Here's a belly shot.  Only three more months until the little alien, ahem, I mean angel, emerges.
I thought my kitty might want to model for me!  Not so much.  Apparently this was a bit too girly for him.  The color in this photo is really close to life.

Here's a close-up of the edging.  I think this was a good first lace scarf choice.  The needles were small, but the pattern was simple.  I do see a few mistakes now that it's blocked, but that just adds to the handmade loveability.  
I hope to have a bunch more finished things to show this month.  I have designated March my finishing UFOs month, both knitting and sewing.  

WARNING:  Stop here if you don't want to hear a boring list of projects in the works!!

Here they are, in no particular order:

Sewing -
1.  Easter dress.  I actually just started this in late February, and yes, it does fit over my belly.  I just have to make the ties.
2.  khaki jacket for SWAP.  Ran into a bit of trouble with the bound button holes, but now it just needs the lining.
3.  Winter coat for Great Coat Sew Along.  Oh, my old nemesis.  Why can't I just put on the pocket flaps and hem the lining and be done with it!?!?!?!
4.  Polka dot dress hem.  This is silly.  I've had it for a year just waiting for a hem.  Of course, it won't fit right now.
5. Leather purse.  I got the buckles, so there's nothing holding me back now.
6.  Put lining in white cropped pants and tailor pant legs a bit.
7.  Try to salvage the blue knit twist top.  I actually could wear this now if spring would come!

1.  Photograph vest for my man.  I blocked it yesterday.  This was over a year in the making.
2.  Weave in ends and block new sweater for me.  This actually involves a bit of crochet and another run for buttons, so this may be a stumbling block.

I MUST finish these things before starting anything new.  The UFO pileup is ridiculous.  I think it's because a lot of this stuff I can't wear/use right now, so the sense of urgency and excitement is lost a bit.  As I said before, though, I have little desire to sew maternity things, and I do have sewing mojo to spare!

After these things are finished (well, I told myself I had to finish (or give up and throw away) all but one - I think I was leaving myself an out for that coat - I have some things to make that aren't dependent on fitting me.  They are:

1.  pillow covers for the living room.  The white sofas and chairs and walls need a serious pick-me-up for spring.  I already have the Amy Butler fabric.
2.  patio tablecloth and chair cushions (if fabric permits).  I'm going to use toile and striped canvas I got a few years ago to make bags, but my big plan didn't pan out.  Frankly, the bags were just too much work!
3.  Outfits for the new baby and the little man I already have running around.  Yes, I am the kind of mother who will make her children wear matching outfits until they are old enough to be embarrassed.  
4.  silk blouse/tank top.  Ooooooh, in my mind, this is going to be so beautiful, and it's not really form-fitting, so I think I can swing it.
5.  vintage linen shirt.  Again, not really form-fitting.  I want to be able to wear it soon after the baby comes.

So those are my big plans.  Just have to keep up the mojo during March, and then, look out, world.

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