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Friday, March 13, 2009

Braided jersey

After maybe a week of diligently finishing UFOs as I planned, I'm starting to get ansy.  I've crossed 3 of the the nine things off my list.  I thought I was doing better than that!  

Anyway, while continuing to plug away at that stuff, I am thinking of some dark blue bamboo jersey I recently got from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Reading through one of my magazines last night, there was a page on braided embellishments, and a $350 knit top just spoke to me!  Sorry, I can't find a pic online.  

So, using that as my inspiration, and not copying exactly, here's my sad little sketch:

My camera just would not focus on this.  The note says "split sleeves."  This should be super easy once I figure out how I want to do the braiding.  The top is just two pieces - the sleeves are included.  The shoulders are joined on either side of a boatneck opening, and then the sleeves are left split until the very bottom.

I want the top to be pretty loose and drapey below the shoulders, so fit shouldn't be a problem.  I may even be able to wear this now for a while before I get enormous, and I hope it will disguise my post-partum belly when that time comes.  I picture this with wide-leg, casual white linen pants.  Oh, spring, please come to me!

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