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Friday, March 27, 2009

Second Maternity Top

Here is the second of my new spring maternity shirts.  This is actually a "test" for one in nicer fabric (although this is some lovely shirting I just got cheap as a remnant at a local store).  I don't call it a muslin since I planned to wear it all along if the fit was good enough.  Really good thing I did a test, too, not because there was anything wrong with the pattern, but there was significant operator error...  

The pattern is Burda 7800.  If you've ever sewn a Burda pattern before (which I have - I have no excuse), you know that seam allowances aren't included.  You have to add them on yourself.  See where this is going??

I just cut the pieces out on auto pilot and didn't add seam allowances.  When I realized this (when pieces weren't fitting together at all!), I sewed the shirt together with little 1/4" seams and hoped it would be big enough.  This is the result:

Good enough for maternity wear.  :-)  Actually, I am happy with it.  The sleeves are a bit snug (seam allowances) and the neckline is pretty open for a collared shirt (seam allowances), but other than that, it's great.  I'm going to forge ahead with the second one in the same size, but WITH the seam allowances added.  :-)  

Changes I made to this pattern: didn't do the tucks on the upper front section due to the striped fabric, and left off all the buttons.  I sewed the placket together to a modest level and left the rest open.  I also sewed the sleeve vents closed rather than fiddling with buttons.  On the second version, I do have buttons for the placket, but I'm just going to leave the sleeve vent off all together.  Just too much trouble for a maternity shirt I'll be wearing for two months, in my opinion.  :-)

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