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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marfy Gown Patterns

So, you can imagine my excitement on finding out that a wedding I'm going to in October requires Formal attire!  I plan to use the navy lace in this post for a knee-length dress (which I'm working on muslining) but I'm told full-length is the way to go for this wedding, so back to the drawing board for that.  With Hubs' help, I narrowed down the pattern possibilities to two Marfys, both of which are on their way to my hot little hands.

2608 - I would need to do a floor-length skirt obviously, but I love the top of this one.  If I don't go with this pattern, I'll definitely be making another much-needed (ha, yeah right!) cocktail dress from it.

1776 - Again, I'll need a different skirt (this is actually flowy pants - yikes!) but I'm digging this top.  The only part I'm not sure about is the halter strap.  It's not the most flattering for my broad shoulders, but I could always change that to regular straps in the muslin stage.

So please, please put your pick in the comments.  Sophisticated and sleek or fun and pretty?  Or do you hate them both?  Feel free to pipe up with that as well.  :-)  Thanks!

Either way, I feel a downtown Tampa fabric shopping excursion in my near future.


Trisha said...

They are both very pretty. I also really love the top of the first one. But if you go with the second, I think the pants could be really interesting.

Rachel said...

They are both really pretty, but I just love the cutout bodice of the first one.

Shirley said...

Got to say I'm a fan of the second one! Much more fun- that's a dancing dress.

Lois Evensen said...

They are both beautiful. I think I'd go with the first one. Are you planning on doing it in black and white? I come from an era when black wasn't worn to weddings, but, hey, I've seen whole weddings done in black these days so I guess that's not important any more.

I look forward to seeing your finished dress and you wearing it.

Audrey said...

Both are beautiful, but I like the unique sophistication of the first one. Marfy patterns can be interesting to work with. I can't wait to see which one you make.

becki-c said...

I love both choices, very elegant and classy! I esp love the idea of the nvy lace, where would you use it on the first dress?