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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Navy Lace Dress Progress

Thank you for the comments on my dilemma.  :-)  For the moment, I've decided on swooshier one (1776) because I have a lovely fabric for it already and can't think of another occasion when I could make this dress.  I'm sure I'll get the short, sleek one made up soon, and maybe I wouldn't like the proportions of it were long... at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

Lois, I really like the striking black and white version of 2608 but wouldn't choose those colors for a dress to wear to a wedding.  I do think I'll keep the color block concept but maybe go with subtler colors.

In the meantime, I've started work on my navy lace dress, which I'll wear to a dinner before the wedding.  I made a muslin out of some inexpensive blue lace.  My starting point is Vogue 7852, which is out of print (and my mom used as the starting point for my wedding gown).  The pattern isn't up on the Vogue website anymore and when I googled for a pic, Erica B's was the first to come up.  :-)

Here is my muslin, which I neglected to photograph on me before cutting apart.
 I only had to tweek the neckline and shoulder seems, which is pretty awesome considering I cobbled together a lace bodice with a princess seamed strapless dress to make this darted sheath shape.

 I cut the darts apart on the seamlines, too, so they'd lay flat and open.
I laid my pieces on top of my nice lace, took a deep breath, and cut, leaving a 5/8" seam allowance to make French seams down the road. 
  For the darts, I used red thread to thread trace them.  This was super easy and pretty fast since the darts were open.  If you squint, maybe you can see the red thread in this photo below.

I have since stitched the darts in my dress and then decided I needed a quick tee shirt project, which I'll finish up tonight.  If I keep needing quick little projects in the middle, I'll have trouble finishing this and my gown in a month!  Not to mention the 15 other things I'd like to make for the trip.  :-)

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