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Friday, September 30, 2011

Vogue Pattern Picks!

It's new Vogue Patterns time!  Woohoo!

1271 looks quite a bit like another Kay Unger pattern I have (and haven't yet made), but I do like the sleeves on it, too, so I'll be getting this at some point.

1267 is my top pick.  Come to mama!  Enlarge it to look at the interesting seams.  I want to make this TODAY.  I have the perfect green wool fabric.  This looks like the kind of pattern that gives you lots of wow factor for you sewing energy.

8775 looks like a cool coat that would be pretty easy to sew.  I have a black and white herringbone that would be nice in this pattern.

That's it for me!  I've gotten a little more picky with my pattern purchases since I organized mine and realized how many I have.  These are the ones that I like and will actually probably sew... at some point. 


Maritza said...

Hi!!! I liked very much the first green dress, very elegant and so cuted !!!

sdBev said...

I love that coat. But, like you I've got so many patterns and I find that many are quite similar. Still its a nice coat.

Cennetta said...

All three picks are great. I'm trying so hard not to buy any patterns.

Alethia said...

I saw your blog post on just posted my favorites, it's going to be really hard to stay away from these patterns. :)