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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vogue 2907 fly and special fabrics

Here is the progress on my latest version of Vogue 2907 pants, made from Railway black cotton from Sawyer Brook.
I lined the pockets and fly area with a contrasting cotton. I've seen lots of bloggers (and RTW pants) do this, and I always think it is so cute.
The fly construction. I used directions from Jennifer Stern, which were awesome, and yielded the best fly zipper results I've ever had. I'm definitely going to try some of her patterns based on these fly instructions.
Inside view of the fly.
Audrey, thanks for the back pant leg suggestion. Jennifer suggested something similar - taking in the outseam a bit and letting out the inseam. It helped a bit but not a lot. Since the front looks fine and it's just the back pattern piece that must be crooked for my shape, I ended up altering the back leg piece as she suggested and leaving the front as printed.
Amy, thanks for the suggestion I should put on the waistband. I think that definitely would have helped asses the fit. Too bad I'm so lazy!

In other news, I had the morning off from Mommy-duties yesterday thanks to a babysitter, so I went to the two nice fabric stores in downtown Tampa (that I know of), Couture Fabrics and Design and Queen's Fabrics.

From Couture Fabrics and Design, I purchased this really unique open-woven silk, enough to make a dress for my mom and a dress or top for me. The color is actually a rich red.
I also got this cute polka dot silk chiffon for an airy blouse. I can't resist polka dot silk. I was very sad when the owner told me that she is closing shop very soon. She's just not getting enough business. :-( The only good part was both fabrics were 25% off.
At Queen's Fabric, which is located in the Marisu Moda design studio, I found the perfect navy lace I've been wanting for a dress for a wedding this fall. Of course, no sooner do I get home than I see these photos of Jenny-wannabe Mrs. Prince William sporting navy lace. Guess my vision is not as unique as I thought!
Finally, I went in Hancock's in downtown Tampa - the closest one to me and not the nicest Hancock's I've been in. They had quite a bit on sale, and I picked up some things for my mom (I'm about to attempt to sew her a few things, obviously) and myself.

For my mom, a skirt from the left poly chiffon-type fabric and a top from the right interlock.
Then I saw this open cotton sweater knit stuff for $3/yard and thought I'd try it out. I also got some white interlock since it was on sale and felt nice.
Finally, I got this dark purple linen print for a skirt for mom or maybe a loose dress. I didn't see any off-white beefy knit for a top, so I'll look for some at JoAnn's. My mom said she trusts my judgement to pick some fabrics and patterns, so we'll see how this goes. :-)

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