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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black cropped pants - finished!

Finally, here are my finished cropped black pants, last mentioned here.  You may recall I had button problems - bought the wrong size and couldn't find the right ones in stock then.  Anyway, I eventually gave up after checking for the buttons three separate times at the store.  I decided I don't care if the pant leg buttons don't match the waistband buttons.
 I could call these the cursed pants (because I don't want to call them the I-kept-screwing-up pants).  Very near the end of the process, I somehow broke the zipper.  I briefly considered ripping out all kinds of fiddly fly seams and finally decided a button fly was in order.  :-)  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  These are really not my best pics. I think it's time to enlist Hubs' help for the photos instead of doing them myself.
 Another problem is my contrast waistband facing and pocket bags.  I was trying to be all cool with the contrasts, but they show in some places.  :-(  Most annoying is the rear pockets.  The floral fabric shows a bit at the pocket opening, and not in any kind of good way.  You may also notice the contrast in the first photo, at the center waistband.  Luckily this isn't really a problem when I wear a longer top like the one above (pulled up for the photos).

Well, there you have it.  I'm really happy with the fit, which I perfected in the Sawyer Brook sew along, but not 100% thrilled with some of the execution.  However, all the bad stuff is camoflaged with a long top, so you can guess how I'll be wearing these pants.  Expect to see another pair soon so I can redeem myself!

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Lois Evensen said...

Well, heck, I think they look great on you. Only you know the problems you had with them. :) As long as there aren't big words printed across the back of them, they are terrific! (I can't get used to those. Must be a sure sign of my age.)