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Monday, August 22, 2011


Oh my GOODNESS!!!  My awesome husband surprised me with an anniversary present of... wait for it... a new sewing machine.  Not just any sewing machine.  The sewing machine I have coveted for years.  A Bernina Artista.  Sorry to brag, but you know how it is.  

I've only done a few things on it.  It makes uber-beautiful automatic buttonholes.

Sews on buttons easily (technically, I guess I could have done this with a zigzag on my other machine, but whatevs)

More buttonholes.  If I hadn't gotten too many of the wrong size and too few of the right size buttons, these pants would be finished.

This is the first thing I made on the machine, the night I got it.  It's a kit I got at a quilt shop in Delaware. I'll post more info on it in a bit. 
 And, of course, I've been fiddling with the embroidery module.  I'm totally going to be one of those people who embroiders something on EVERYTHING... cause I can.  This is the first thing I stitched out on my own (after the in-home demonstration) and it was too pretty to throw away, so I put that sucker on an old kitchen towel.  Instant cute kitchen.  My house will be a sea of embroidered flowers shortly.


sdBev said...

Oh YES Nothing Sews like a BERNINA. Congrats on anniversary present.

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what a wonderful present! What a sweetheart!!!! Enjoy!

Audrey said...

Your DH is a keeper. Enjoy your new machine.

Rachel said...

That is fantastic!!! There is no better present in my opinion than sewing equipment...and fabric...and patterns... Enjoy your new machine.