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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tweedy Goodness

Here are the tweeds I purchased from Linton on my trip through England to Scotland. Considering that Linton makes a lot of Chanel's tweeds, they were reasonably priced. The ones I really liked, conveniently, were on the sale rack. They were a bit lower priced, but are only in 1 meter cuts, so that limits my options for making them up.

This is black and white for a pencil skirt for fall.

These two dusty green ones pair well, so I want to combine them somehow to make a little Chanel-style jacket.

I looooove the color of this - kind of yellowy peach. I want to make a spring/summer short sleeved jacket out of this.

I'm not sure what this is for. It would make a nice pencil skirt or maybe a sheath dress. Probably not enough for a winter jacket. :-(

And since it seems like eons since I posted something I made, here is a pic of me wearing something (not new) yesterday. I realize looking back that the original pics were blurry, so it's good I put up a new one. :-)

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