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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, I've been sucked in by $2.99 Butterick and McCalls patterns and $3.99 Vouges, even though I made my last purchase less than a month ago. I also just made a purchase. It's crazy how much beautiful fabric I got for less than $50. I try to be a quality over quantity girl (especially given how much fabric I have patiently waiting to be made up), but this appeared to be both. At any rate, I've added a few more projects to the queue:

(Click on all photos to get to the appropriate web page.)

I've decided it's time to make hubs a shirt.

Yep, I got the jumpsuit pattern. I want one! (but not the strapless one... that would never last the day with little boys around)

I hardly ever wear jackets, but I couldn't pass up this pattern. I want the bottom right one. So so cute!

I'm sure I have some stashed fabric that will work for this interesting sheath for church in summer. It only takes just about a yard.

Because I really, really need a strapless silk brocade dress, People!! It's the hole in my closet!

To make a sleeveless ruffled shirt for summer.

Slub cotton jersey for view A of McCalls 6034.

Big cotton print for a fun gathered-waist skirt.

Pretty print cotton fabric and trim for a simple sundress.


Karin said...

Ofcourse you need a strapless silk dress. Everyone knows that!

Love the fabrics you picked. I can't wait to see the final garments. I bet they will be gorgeous.

Me! said...

You have great taste! That red/white dress is going to be lovely.