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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Corduroy Skirt

I've been trying (and succeeding) to wear more skirts/dresses. I feel good when I wear them, and for the most part, they don't interfere with my daily routine. I do pass on the skirts/dresses on playgroup days, though...

I wanted a casual black skirt for winter, and I tried to move beyond my pencil or A-line skirt fallbacks. I settled on gathered and hemmed it pretty short to keep from looking dowdy or little-girly (funny how both were concerns). I'll only wear it with tights, most likely, so I think it's ok.

Side view: (It does make my butt look a tad super ginormous.)

Back view. I used a contoured waistband from TNT pants, and then gathered 2 rectangles for the front and back. I'm calling it self-drafted to sound impressive.

Here is the spiffy big button. The fabric is lightweight black corduroy from my local fabric store. It was one of those rare finds that wasn't crazy expensive here. It's really soft for corduroy, which is why I went for the gathered skirt.

I made a slit for the zipper, and it's hidden nicely in the gathers. The button loop is made from a narrow tube of black doubleknit. That was one of my ideas that actually worked out pretty well. It has the perfect balance of stretch and stability.

I'm not crazy about it paired with this top. I think the top is just too light and spring-like for the corduroy. I don't want to wear a big sweater with it, though, since it's pretty billowy itself. I'll try it with a fine-gauge sweater, I think.

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Karin said...

Cute skirt! I'd pair it with a tight top, to balance the poofiness (is that a word in English?) of the skirt. And then maybe a wide belt would look nice with it? Just helping you think about combinations :-) Anyway, I really like the skirt, nice!