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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shark shirt!

This is more a craft project than real sewing, but I think it came out really cute. My little man turned 3 last weekend. Yikes! I don't usually sew things for my kids. I just haven't really gotten into it. I did, however, have this idea for a shirt for his birthday, and I think I'll continue this theme for my boys on their birthdays as long as they think it's cool.

I purchased the plain white polo last summer. Sharks are pretty much Paul's favorite thing in the whole world. Go figure. It all started with my mom showing him a fake shark carcass on the boardwalk... My husband freehanded the fabulous artwork - both the great whites and the "hammew head." I drew the "3"- yes, freehand, People!

The applique fabrics are from cheap clearance tops for about $2 each. (I needed boy colors fast!) To attach the appliques, I used steam a seam to iron them on.

On the sharks, I did a simple straight machine stitch around and hand stitched blue eyes.

For the 3, I did a hand running stitch around with 2 strands of gray embroidery floss. I think it looks cute, but it killed my fingers. That fused glue is hard to stitch through! I would have been happy to use this technique on the sharks, too, but my fingers were having none of that!

I am so happy with how this came out, and I know Paul loves his "shark shirt."


Lois Evensen said...

The shirt is a great piece of work, but not nearly as darling as your little boy. What a handsome little guy! Very best, Lois in Cincinnati, USA

Kathryn said...

So cute, but where are the fish to eat? I heard about the "baby sheep eat birdies" incident from Scotland :-)