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Friday, February 19, 2010

top sneak peek

Here's a look at the quick knit top I'm working on (yep, another one).

I cut and sewed most of it last night. It just needs sleeves and a hem this evening.

I've been sewing... just need a few notions to finish up a black corduroy skirt, and I spent a lot of time on another version of this skirt, which I think is another wadder. :-(


Karin said...

Cute colour combination, that orange and brown. Look forward to seeing the finished top! And sorry to hear the skirt isn't working out for you. Is it fixable?

gail said...

stupid beginner question here: how do you get a straight hem? i rmember as a young child standing still as my grandma or older sister would pin the hem line up to make sure it was all even. i don't have another adult to do that for me, so how does one make sure hems are straight (without having a dressform)??? thanks!!

love your blog and all your creations