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Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Sweater Plan

I'm finishing up a black corduroy skirt and spent the past two evenings cutting out a jacket, but knits are still on my mind. I have a piece of blood-red sweater knit that is calling to me (not to mention brown and purple rayon jerseys begging to become comfy, flowy tops). I think I'll sew on my skirt's button loop tonight to finish that off and start sewing my jacket. When I get to the point where I need to sew up something pretty quick, I'll make that red sweater.

I'm trying to decide on a style. I want a cardigan. I could use another cardigan more than another pullover sweater. These are some ideas:

This is a pretty classic v-neck cardi with bold buttons that's "in" right now. I like the little welt pockets and would add those on mine, too. I also have an idea how to do the neckband treatment after making this top.

This one's cute, too. I like the little tie and it would be easy to make (no buttonholes!), but I couldn't really leave it open then.

This looks easy and could hang open or I could try belting it. I'm not sure I'm ready to try something so similar to this disappointment yet, though.

All photos are from Click on pics to get to their respective webpages.

Please weigh in so I am not paralyzed with indecision! What do you think? Do you like any of these? Any other ideas?


BeccaA said...

I prefer the first one with the welt pockets and buttons. The third one looks similar without the buttons, so you could get the effect just leaving the buttons open. The second one looks too small for the model. She is hunched to get her shoulders into it, it is only 3/4 sleeve, and it is short. I see that one as something where the belt will trail on the ground as you lift a small child into your arms or bend over to speak to him. Plus a bulky belt at the waist would make me uncomfortable.

HomeJewel said...

Have you considered New Look 6735? I have made it twice and really like the pattern. I haven't put up a review, because the first got pilly, the 2nd didn't have good stretch recovery, but it is really a good pattern and I have more fabric lined up for it. Sigrid posted hers on PR (without a belt, although the pattern has a belt option).