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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plaid A-line skirt

I have a love/hate relationship with plaid skirts. I love how they look, and you can't beat the ease-of-sewing factor, but after 4 years of a high school uniform, I'm always a little afraid of looking juvenile. I hope I look like a grown-up!

I purchased the fabric last weekend (along with two other pieces - bad Jenny!). It was fairly reasonably priced, on sale since they're moving in spring stuff, and sooooo pretty. I just got .60 meter for a little skirt. I thought about a pencil skirt but decided on A-line since it gives me a little more wiggle room for sitting on the floor and picking up kids and stuff. Yeah, I really did wear this one day this week. We went to get a little boy's haircut, so there wasn't too much playing on the floor that day.

The pattern is McCall 2029, out of print. I've used it before here and here. As with the previous two times, I left off the waistband.

Here's my invisible zipper. Not too bad for not having an invisible zipper foot. Oh, I can't WAIT to get my new machine within the next 6 months!

Here's the lining. Sewing the lining to the zipper was the only hand-sewing on this skirt, and it only took about 15 minutes. I used black silk shantung. I had it in my stash and have no plans to use it before we move this summer, so it's going to be luxurious linings. :-) I like that it's heavy for a lining and adds some heft and warmth to the skirt.


Swiss&Sweet said...

The fabric looks very nice, the A-line is a minimalistic look but always very efficient: looks gorgeous on you (fits especially well with the pair of boots), good pick for the fabric and nice work :)

Karin said...

Great skirt. And you look not schoolgirl-ish at all, but very elegant and grown-up ;-)

Sewtellme said...

I love your skirt and you look great. Your plaid matching is phenomenal.

Me! said...

Very cute.

Sue said...

Lovely skirt - you can (here at least) buy a generic invisible zipper foot that doesn't cost too much. However you have a done a great job without one.

Immelu said...

Looks great!! I like the plaid!