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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Jammies!

I made myself jammies for the first time. I finished the top a few days ago and will cover it in my next post sometime this week. I cut out and sewed the pants last night, while watching The Fellowship of the Rings and still had time to paint my nails before the movie was over.

The pattern is Burda 7765. I made a 38 straight from the envelope, but made the rise about half what the pattern shows. I did this because I wanted them a bit low-rise, and I also didn't have much fabric and wanted to make them as long as possible. I also cut a separate waist-facing piece instead of cut-on as the pattern showed.

I ordered the fabric from It's an Amy Butler design. She made some flannel in this collection ("Love"). I'm an idiot and thought it was ALL flannel, but this isn't. When it came and I realized my error, I thought about returning it, but then figured - it was my mistake and the fabric is perfectly nice cotton. So, now I have cotton PJ pants instead of flannel. They'll take me into spring. :-)

For the waistband, I used some elastic, 1 1/2" wide, I think. I measured the length by putting around my hips at about the right spot, pulling so it was snug enough to stay up, but still really comfy, and left a little overlap. I sewed the elastic in a ring, then stretched and sewed the elastic ring into the wrong-side of the waistband facing with a big zigzag. Then, I double-folded over the facing and stitched it to the pants, below the elastic, so it looks like an elastic casing, but the elastic is stitched down so it doesn't twist or shift. If anyone is curious about this, I'll take photos of my crazy made-up method next time.

I also added a separate band to the bottom of each leg to make them a tad bit longer.

And just for funsies, let's close with a booty shot. These fit really well! I'll definitely be making more...

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Amanda S. said...

Super cute! I need to make myself some PJ's sometime. I never seem to like the ones in the store or they are sized for juniors with no hips. I like the fabric too.