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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My first Vogue 8379!

I may be the last sew-er to make this pattern.  It's extremely popular on the blogs and Pattern Review.  I didn't bother doing a review on PR since there are already over 60.  Yes, it's a great pattern.
I used a poly jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.  It appears to be sold out now, but there are lots of other beauties there now.  I'm finding it hard to resist her jersey prints lately (just ask my husband).

I was able to cut this out of 2 yards of fabric although the envelope calls for 2.5 or more.  The only change I had to make was to shorten the hem about 4 inches.  I think it's fine.  My knees have a few good years left in them!

I did originally put on 3/4 sleeves and asked my husband's opinion.  "A little 70s" was his 2 cents, so I cut them to short sleeve length.  I have to agree, this looks more modern to me to use the short sleeves in this print.
Nothing much else to say.  I love this dress.  It's so comfy.  It's great now since it's so light, but the colors lend themselves to be worn with a sweater into fall.

Since I'm trying to be more stylish, here it is a la Michelle Obama, with cardigan and belt.  :-)  A black belt would probably be more flattering, though.


Adrienne said...

It's something about doing your first vogue pattern lol. I remember feeling the same way! LOL LOVE the dress it looks fantastic on you. Love the fabric.

connieB said...

Funny, I don't usually go for the cardigan over a dress look, but somehow that last picture really caught my eye. I agree a black belt would be better though. Good job on the dress!