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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweater Tunic

It's a new year!  At least, it was about a week ago.  I would do a year review type deal, but I don't feel like I was that productive last year - in either sewing or blogging, so I am ready to just move on. 

Lately, I've been considering dropping this blog (and I'm sure some of you thought I'd already done so), but I would miss it, so I continue on with my sporadic posting, and as always, I really appreciate you stopping by to see what I'm up to.  :-)

Just a few words on the the new year, though - not really any resolutions per se, but I do have some thoughts that pertain to my sewing.

     1.  It's time to go for it - I often scale back my vision or plan for a fabric because I fear I'll be too scared to wear it or I might just not like it and will have ruined "good" fabric.  I am invariably happier when I go with my original plan (see tunic below!), and I don't want a closet full of safe, blah garments anyway.

     2.  For heaven's sake, I need to sew things I will wear.  I do not need any more church-only dresses!  Conversely, I need to wear what I sew - if I make a little cotton skirt to wear for "everyday," then I need to shave my legs and wear it and not throw on the same jeans as always.

     3.  No more tweed or wool or thick sweater knits.  I need to make peace with the fact that I live in Florida, not the northeast.  Embrace the cotton and linen!  It's January and 80 degrees out today, afterall.

Of course, numbers 2 and 3 are flexible if I am using a fabric already in my stash.  :-)

Now, for a recent creation:

I made this tunic from Sawyer Brook's Banana Cream, a pretty cotton wool sweater knit.  I really liked the shape of this Sixties Jumper from Boden - the looser sleeves and funnel neck - and I liked the pockets on the Retro Jumper.  I envisioned it as a tunic to wear with leggings, but I almost chickened out.  I figured if I made it regular sweater length, then I could wear it a lot more often - with jeans or skirts, and places where I don't feel comfortable wearing leggings, but really, I don't need any more plan old sweaters. 

My pattern for this was my basic tee, Butterick 3344 (out of print).  I just lengthened and widened the hem to a tunic, and I widened the sleeves a bit.  I also drafted the funnel neck. 

In the morning, I wore this with black ballet flats, but by the afternoon, I was chilly and switched to boots.
Ignore the cami shadow - I need to wear it with a different cami.  :-)
In the end, I am really glad I forged ahead with the tunic.  It's a shape I don't really have in my closet, and I think it's fun and comfy!  The cotton in this sweater knit keeps it pretty cool.


cherylanne said...

Jenny , the tunic and leggings suit you. I can imagine you look great in 'sixties' inspired clothing.

Andrea said...

Pretty sweater, I like the length. I had to laugh about the shave your legs to wear a skirt line. It's a little crazy how often that dictates my wardrobe!
I am in Tampa - this 80+ degree stuff in January is way too warm for my liking. :-/

JanaL said...

Your tunic looks great and good luck with your sewing goals.

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

Super cute! Please don't stop blogging - I love your posts! :-)